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Lady Gaga Inspires Mugler Designer — For Free

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When it comes to Lady Gaga‘s involvement with French fashion house Mugler, she may be on the runway, but she’s not on the payroll. “It’s just friends helping each other,” longtime Gaga stylist and newly-anointed Mugler creative director, Nicola Formichetti (left), told the
New York Times
. “She had been aware of what he was doing for years,” adds Formichetti pal Jo-Ann Furniss. “He’s not making a name off her back, and she realized that. Their relationship is very touching and nice.” Gaga’s symbiotic association with Mugler started while filming her epic “Telephone” video, when she and costar Beyoncé were given access to the fashion house’s archives of clothing and accessories. “Then [Gaga] started wearing them [out], and I thought it still worked in a pop-culture way,” Formichetti says. Though Gaga provides stylistic input, and has arguably given the brand a boost, she is not remunerated for her contributions. “I think when you start talking about money, it stops the whole creative process,” says Formichetti. And while he’s inspired by his famous collaborator (he calls his adherence to her work “almost evangelical”), Formichetti insists that Mugler is not dependent on her for sales. “If we were, it would mean our business has no substance,” he counters. And you thought you were the only one with an unpaid fashion internship! —Justine Harman