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Emily Kirkpatrick
May 11, 2017 10:39 AM

Per usual, although it’s only Thursday, Kylie Jenner has had quite the busy week. She started it off by lifting the wig and unveiling her natural locks on Snapchat before covering them up again in a blonde waist-length wig, showing off her diamonds, and matching with her rumored new boyfriend Travis Scott aboard a yacht in a vintage Hooters tee. As if that wasn’t plenty of excitement over the course of two days for one woman, she then came down with a case of altitude sickness while flying to Peru. But that bout of illness also meant the reality star had a lot of downtime at the hotel once she landed, the results of which can be only one thing: an international lingerie photo shoot.

While the 19-year-old is currently in Cusco, Peru for a charity mission on behalf of Smile Train, who she has teamed up with in the past on a limited edition Lip Kit color, just because she’s there to do good works, doesn’t mean she can’t find a spare moment to create some premium Instagram content. After getting some emergency oxygen and seemingly making a full recovery from her altitude sickness, the youngest Jenner took advantage of her hotel room’s ambient light  to create a moody shot in which she sits upon a tiled window ledge with her face turned away from the camera, showing off the silhouette of her body clad in only a black bra and thong.

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And it wasn’t just Kylie who thought this lighting/ledge/ensemble combination was just too good to pass up. Her best friend Jordyn Woods, who accompanied the makeup CEO on her charitable venture, also posted a shot of herself on Wednesday night posing in the same tile-lined window with the light behind her, throwing her form into relief also dressed in a black bra and thong bottom.

Unlike Kylie, however, Jordyn chose to simply lean back casually against the sill rather than face her posterior towards the lens for a belfie. Long story short, as no one has said ever, the BFFs who wear matching thongs together, belong together.

What do you think of Kylie’s latest under-clad shot? Sound off below!

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