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Kristen Bell's Wedding Dress Was Actually Black Pants

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CBS Sunday Morning

It’s become the norm for celebrities to change three times (or more) during their own wedding, or to go super non-traditional (remember Angelina Jolie’s artwork-embellished veil?). But Kristen Bell did something even more surprising for her 2013 wedding to Dax Shepard: She skipped the gown — and the white! — and opted for low-key black pants and a top in which to tie the knot.

Shepard wore a classic tux, while his bride sported the all-black ensemble topped with a sparkly statement necklace. The couple, who had welcomed daughter Lincoln 7 months earlier, quickly got married at the L.A. courthouse — then, Shepard told Jimmy Kimmel, their friends surprised them with a “World’s Worst Wedding” cake.

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KRisten Bell Wedding photoCBS Sunday Morning

“Friends of ours came to the courthouse, it was just Kristen and I at this lonely courthouse, so they brought us this cake afterwards: The World’s Worst Wedding,” he told the talk show host in 2013, adding that the entire wedding cost $142 (not including the cost of her Neil Lane engagement ring, which was “expensive as hell”).

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Bell echoed the sentiment on The Ellen DeGeneres show, saying, “The $142 that he tallied up includes the gas that it took to get there, and it might have been the playlist as well, buying the songs online, because he had a playlist in the car,” she says of the Thursday wedding, which was near Halloween, so “our wedding picture by the window where we signed is us, and like a big zombie cutout. It makes the pictures interesting.”

KRisten Bell Wedding photoCBS Sunday Morning

Do you like her wedding look?

–Alex Apatoff