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Kim Kardashian Teaches Us All How to Take a Selfie

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The Monday after a long weekend can be hard, which is why we assume you are in need of a mid-day giggle. Fortunately, Kim Kardashian never takes a day off from providing us with amusing and informative content. Most recently, she instructed longtime pal Brittny Gastineau in the art of taking a selfie — something about which Kardashian knows a thing or two.

First, we think it’s safe to assume Kardashian ordinarily follows our five rules for looking amazing in photos (and then some). However, in the Extra video above, which was apparently shot in a nail salon, she chastises herself for looking “disgusting” without makeup — generally a Kardashian no-no.

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Next, she immediately assumes the perfect selfie pose, directing it the entire way. It’s all about angles, lighting and duckface, and she’s prepared to defend duckface to the death. She’s so skilled at the maneuever (of course, she’s had plenty of practice) that even Gastineau — herself no selfie slouch — appears awed. The final result is below.

We'll I guess we are never going to forget this day! @kimkardashian 🙊🙊🙊

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So, did we get you to giggle? Did you learn something today? Tell us below.

–Alex Apatoff