Emily Kirkpatrick
July 11, 2017 08:22 AM

If, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’ve recently felt a great disturbance in the Force, we think we may have finally uncovered the source. No it’s not simple dehydration from those sweltering temps out there, nor is it your sudden distrust of all social media platforms given the current state of celebrity Instagram scandals and political tweet storms. But rather that deep, lingering disquietude you’ve been feeling may have something to do with one Kim Kardashian. As of late, she has been really throwing off her usual style M.O., and thus your sense of equilibrium, with a whole lot of baggy sweatsuits and oversized tops, with a few exceptions every now and then. But fear not, because all is about to be right with the world yet again as the reality star has fully returned to form in one of her classic see-through ensembles.

It seems the business mogul is once again feeling those “sheer nipple vibes” she was on last September when she spent almost the entire month wearing one almost totally transparent ensemble after the next. As she wrote in a post on her website about her pro-nipple apparel at the time, “I have always loved sheer—I just don’t GAF, LOL.” And clearly, despite her brief foray into being totally covered up and swaddled in sweats, Kim is back to her old form, stepping out in New York City on Monday in a look that’s equal parts lingerie, black tie, and athleisure.

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The Kimoji entrepreneur went to grab dinner in Manhattan with resident “Foodgōd” Jonathan Cheban wearing just about every trend she’s ever championed all at once, pairing a sheer Gucci logo-branded black bra with a delicate gold clasp in the center with an oversized black blazer, left casually undone as to show off the lingerie underneath, and a pair of capri-length velvet leggings. Kim accessorized the look with a pair of lucite wedges from her husband’s fashion line and a boxy black nylon Prada handbag. So everyone concerned about the fate of the Selfish auteur‘s wardrobe of latex and mesh can finally rest easy tonight knowing that it’s all been put back in permanent rotation.

What do you think of Kim’s latest look? Would you wear this Gucci bra? Sound off below!

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