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Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss and More Make 'Top American Influencers' List - Here's Why

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Who influences your style most: Bloggers? Celebrities? Randos you follow on Instagram? We all take our fashion cues from many different places, but Business Insider posits that there are 23 “American trendsetters” out there who make more waves than the average person in terms of U.S. style. There are a few you’d expect — Diane Von Furstenberg, the CEO of Zara, the head of retail for Apple — and a handful of celebs that earned a place on the list as well. But in what way are they influencing us? We investigate.

Kim Kardashian: “This year, Vogue called the Wests the most talked-about couple in the world,” Business Insider says of the star and her new husband. “Both stars are revered for their style. Fashion designers have said that Kim Kardashian is more of a sales driver than Kate Middleton.” While we’re fascinated by that last statement (Kardashian tends to wear extremely high-end designer clothes just to go to the drugstore, while Middleton tends to mix high and low brands that the average person might want to wear), we think Kardashian’s influence is even more visible when it comes to hair and makeup trends. Many makeup artists have told us that they’ve seen a resurgence in heavy contouring, which is jarring for daytime and often not done well — and they credit it to Kardashian’s camera-ready makeup at all times. It’s a very “done” (and sometimes overdone) look that definitely can be traced to the reality star.

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Miranda Kerr:
The magazine notes that Kerr is “the modern supermodel,” with major endorsements under her belt and more than 4 million Instagram followers. She’s also turned the sidewalk into a catwalk, hitting the streets in one picture-perfect outfit after another, proving that her brand extends far beyond the limits of her paid contract. She could singlehandedly keep Pinterest going for years — and clothing companies know it, sending her tons of free things to model on her daily paparazzi walks.

Karlie Kloss: Another supermodel who has leveraged her Victoria’s Secret stardom into high-fashion, clothing design, celebrity BFFs and social media fame, Kloss also gets Business Insider props for having a widely-copied bob. And we think she’s influential in a totally different way: By bucking the standard Angel bombshell waves and opting for something short and sassy, Kloss showed that you don’t have to be cookie cutter to be hugely stylish and successful.

Who would you consider the most influential fashion stars right now? Any celebs not on the list who should have made it?

–Alex Apatoff