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Khloe Kardashian Steps Out Amidst Lamar Odom Drama in Denim With Her Autograph on the Butt

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When you’re a Kardashian every single thing you wear is analyzed from head to toe. Whether it’s a unitard over pants or a casual pair of bicycle shorts, people can’t seem to get enough details on the reality family’s daily looks. So, of course, a clothing empire seems like a logical extension to their empire of merch. The Kardashian Kollection for Sears came first, then Kendall and Kylie tested the waters with their eponymous fashion line, and now Khloé is in on it, giving us a taste of the types of designs we perhaps can expect from her forthcoming denim collection.

As we reported back in May after the reality star sent a cryptic tweet asking fans to submit pictures to The GA Project, Khloe has plans to launch an all-inclusive denim line that highlights women of all body shapes, sizes, and colors. But ever since that tweet, she’s been pretty mum on the whole topic. But on Tuesday — in the midst of the news that Lamar Odom had been kicked off a Delta flight from Los Angeles to New York for allegedly being drunk and vomiting in airplane bathroom — she gave us a look at the type of outstanding denim wares we can all look forward to.

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Khloe Kardashian denim line first look

The pants are your standard black Topshop MOTO Jamie Jeans with a high-rise waist and a very tapered leg that ends just above her ankle. The youngest Kardashian paired her pair with a black spaghetti strap bodysuit, a cross necklace, and mink covered Givenchy slides, all the better to highlight her designs. The main difference between these and any other denim you come across, however, is that Khloé’s feature her signature printed in gold scrawled across the rear right pocket.

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It’s interesting that Khloé chose to give these pants a bespoke touch by putting her John Hancock on them, making us think this could be a custom detail we can expect to find when her top secret denim line finally launches. In any case, if these pants can make us look like we do anywhere near as many squats as Khloé on a daily basis, you can sign us up for 12 pairs.

What do you think of Khloé’s new denim line? Will you buy a pair? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick