Khloe Kardashian/Snapchat
Emily Kirkpatrick
October 12, 2016 08:39 AM

Khloé Kardashian made her grand return to social media on Tuesday, Snapchatting and chatting with fans profusely in between her various public appearances, which included a quick pit stop at The Ellen Show to promote her new line of jeans. But it was also a return to digital business as usual for the reality star, who proved she was back in fine snapchatting form taking a momentary break from her non-stop engagements to share her latest pants-less, all-black ensemble with her followers.

Khloé shared a short video of herself behind-the-scenes at her latest photo shoot, complete with her glam squad Justine Marjan and Joyce Bonelli. In the series of snaps, Khloé mugs for the camera in a pair of thick-framed, riveted aviator sunglasses before saying, “I am at a crazy a** shoot with Justine, and Joyce, and Monica,” while spinning the camera around the room to highlight all the beauty and fashion masterminds whose presence she was currently graced with.

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The newly minted denim designer then posted a second video in which she gives fans a full body slow-pan of her ensemble with the words “Viral Joyce” written over the frame, starting from the bottom with a new, very edgy pair of studded over-the-knee black boots. As the camera continues to move upwards it becomes clear that Khloé has paired her new shoes with no bottoms and simply a fringed bodysuit with a huge gold zipper down the center, and cold shoulder sleeves. She complemented her J.Lo circa 2000 vibe with a handful of gold necklaces, hoops, and those aforementioned shades. Make sense considering if anyone else can rightfully lay claim to the lyrics from “I’m Real,” it’s Khlo$.

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