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Keri Russell's Baby-Friendly Bargain Dress

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John Shearer/WireImage

Keri Russell may have looked like a million bucks at the Children’s Defense Fund “Beating the Odds” Dinner in Los Angeles on Thursday night, but she definitely didn’t spend it on her chic Club Monaco dress. The new mom told PEOPLE, “I love Club Monaco so much! I go in there like whenever I have to go to something last minute. I’m like, ‘Uh what am I going to wear?!’ because I don’t have like a stylist or anything. I go, ‘Club Monaco, I’ll go there!” And what if new baby River drools on her new buys? “No problem! It’s not like 5,000 dollars, which you shouldn’t be buying something for 5,000 dollars anyway!,” laughed Keri. As for her post-baby body, Keri looks svelte as ever but when told that, the actress assured PEOPLE “Thanks. Boy, oh boy, did I. I promise you!” Click here to find a Club Monaco near you.