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November 07, 2016 02:02 PM
Source: JonBoy Tattoo/Instagram
Source: JonBoy Tattoo/Instagram

Despite so many of her older sister Kim Kardashian West’s warnings to never “put a bumper sticker on a Bentley,” Kendall Jenner loves getting tattoos. She started off with small, barely-visible ink, like a white dot and white hearts on her fingers, but she just revealed on her app that she upgraded to a full face tattoo this summer — and she’s finally spilling the details.

Back in July she visited the celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy in N.Y.C. for a lip tattoo of the word “meow.” She says she was planning on keep it a secret — but the tattoo artist blew up her spot when he Instagrammed a picture a few weeks ago. “I really didn’t ever plan to show my newest ‘meow’ tattoo,” she wrote on her website. “I got it done back in July by JonBoy in New York and I didn’t plan on telling anyone. But, in an interview, I accidentally said something about it without even realizing. I guess I was just excited, lol.”

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The only people she did loop in our her secret was a portion of her famous family. “All my sisters knew, too, but my mom found out late and freaked out about it.” (Sounds awfully familiar to how Kendall broke the news to her family about her infamous nipple ring — mom Kris Jenner was in the dark about it for a year!)

While it’s certainly a wild (and, we assume, insanely painful) spot for a tattoo, it is definitely not a meaningful one, she reveals.

“There’s no real meaning behind it, I just wanted to be able to say that I have a tattoo ‘on my face,’ the model wrote. “I have two others also: a broken heart on one hand and a full heart on the other. I definitely want more and even though I used to say I’d only get one if it meant something to me, now I have even more possibilities!”

Last year Kendall got her first tat — a small white dot on her middle finger. Then she upgraded to two more, getting matching heart tattoos with Hailey Baldwin. Kendall got a full heart on her right finger, which she said represents an angel, and a broken heart on her left, to represent the “devil side.”

What could possibly be next? “Woof” behind her ear? A full-back portrait of her Vogue cover? We can’t wait to find out (and to get Kris Jenner’s reaction).

What are your thoughts on Kendall’s new tattoo?

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