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Ken Paves Learns the 'Price of Beauty' Himself with a Brazilian Wax!

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Gregg DeGuire/PictureGroup

Jessica Simpson‘s hair stylist and best buddy Ken Paves will never, ever get a Brazilian wax again. In an upcoming episode of Simpson’s new VH1 reality series, The Price of Beauty, which debuts tonight on Vh1, the singer takes her mane man to get the painful waxing treatment when they are visiting Rio de Janeiro. “Literally, I flew five feet off the table,” Paves tells PEOPLE. “I was like, ‘Ahhhhhh!’ I jumped off the table several times and said, ‘I can’t finish!’ I even had a little blood on my leg.” Simpson helped hold Paves down while the esthetician waxed some rather sensitive areas. Or tried to, at least. “I was sweating so bad that Jessica had to put towels on her hands to hold me down because I kept slipping out of her hands,” he says. “It was the most painful and humiliating experience of my entire life. I had no idea that women could be that much stronger than us.” Paves, who has a new hair care line called Self Help coming out in May that, like the series, “celebrates women and their uniqueness,” underwent the painful waxing and even donned a long, gold neck ring in the first episode so he could see for himself what women go through for the sake of beauty. “I thought it was really important to understand what women go through and to actually experience that,” he says. Tune into the show’s premiere tonight at 10 pm EST on Vh1.–KC Baker