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Kellan Lutz: It's Not Like I Prefer to Be In My Underwear!

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Michael Simon/Startraks

We’re easily distracted and can get “over” trends pretty quickly, but there’s one thing we know we’ll never get sick of: Seeing Kellan Lutz shirtless.

In N.Y.C. with Katrina Bowden to promote their new campaign for Ocean Pacific’s swimwear line on Tuesday, the model-turned-actor worked his fab smile (and even more impressive biceps) while modeling the brand’s board shorts on surfboards.

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His favorite pair? “These Surf and Turfs are my favorite … I was working in Bulgaria for Hercules and I [was] just set with these. You never knew if it was gonna rain or not, and I’d be fight training and they’d dry [quickly] when they got sweaty.”

Though the star is constantly cast for body-baring gigs such as Hercules,
and Calvin Klein, the Twilight hunk says he’d rather not always be so exposed.

When asked what his favorite shirtless ad campaign was, he laughed, “[I prefer] more clothes. It’s not like I prefer to be naked or in my underwear!”

And apparently his philosophy extends to girls as well. “Leaving more to the imagination’s always better. There are girls walking in bikinis with one of those see-through white tops or button-downs. It’s very angelic, I like the way fabrics move in the wind.”

A flip-flops kind of guy himself, the laid-back actor looks for girls who are equally low maintenance. “I was just at the Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake concert in L.A. … [and] you notice all these girls stumbling to walk [in heels] and I’m like, ‘Why? You’re just gonna have a terrible time here. Who are you trying to impress?’ Living by the beach I see so many girls in flip flops and they’re just loving life.”

Tell us: Are you more of a flip flops or heels girl yourself? And do you think Lutz should dial down the shirtlessness?

–Rosie Lai