Kate Hogan
August 02, 2011 02:30 PM

Bruja, Sharma/Pacific Coast News

Maybe she decided blondes don’t have more fun?

After mere days with a new blonde hair hue, Katy Perry stepped out in Los Angeles Monday sporting light pink locks. Originally raven-haired, then red in June, then blonde — is she finally settling into a permanent hair color? It’s hard to tell.

“I have been dying my hair since 10pm! Good GOD let me get to my destination tonight! #beenblack #beenblue #beenhotginge #beenblonde #now…” she Tweeted on July 25, later adding, “Still transitioning…………… practicing patience!”

The road to the perfect hair color has been a long one for Perry; after a dye job gone awry in June, the singer had to stick with her transitional red shade before she could go blonde, at the risk of damaging her hair.

And though she’s been through four colors in about as many weeks, there’s still the chance she’ll change her look yet again. We can hardly keep up! Tell us: Do you think Perry should keep her pink hair?

–Kate Hogan


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