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Katharine McPhee Reveals Her 'Rebellious' Move

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Courtesy Shape

When Katharine McPhee first sat in stylist Peter Savic’s chair last year, the American Idol alum admittedly wanted something drastic, but wasn’t sure what. “I was feeling rebellious. That’s when I knew I wanted something big,” she tells Shape in their February issue. “So I said to my stylist, ‘Just chop it all off and make me a blonde!'” Katharine’s rash decision may have turned out to be more work for her in the end, but it helped the star bring out a new side of herself. “I felt edgy and playful. I went out and bought new clothes for the new me. It was definitely a good thing to do,” she says about her first day as a blonde. And her hair wasn’t the only thing changing in her life. Katharine, who had struggled with bulimia for seven years, was finally starting to feel good about her body too. “I stopped fighting myself and became more forgiving of my body,” she says. “Ironically, the weight came off naturally through exercise but no dieting.” In fact, Katharine felt so good about her new self that she had no problem stripping down to her bikini for Shape. Hear more on how she got her confidence back, and try out Katharine’s new high-intensity fitness routine, in the February issue,on newsstands today, January 18, or visit–Andrea DeSimone