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Kate Moss Shows Off Her Bag Line in New Longchamp Ads

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David Sims/Kate Moss for Longchamp

For the 8th consecutive season Kate Moss has reprised her role as the face of Longchamp, but this time around, the supermodel is doing more than just smiling pretty for the cameras. In Longchamp’s Spring 2010 ads, shot by famed photographer David Sims in London’s Wrotham Park, Kate poses with three chic styles from the eponymous collection of bags she designed for the brand. Kate Moss for Longchamp leather satchels boast braided and zipper details and chic zebra print lining, hitting Longchamp stores nationwide today. Prices range from $500-$2,500.Tell us: What do you think of Kate Moss’s bag collection for Longchamp?

David Sims/Kate Moss for Longchamp

David Sims/Kate Moss for Longchamp