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Kate Hudson's Hair Is Gradually Getting Shorter: Let's Investigate

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We’ve figured it out: Kate Hudson is using her perfectly-toned abs to distract us from her subtle hair changes. The star’s hair seems to be getting gradually shorter — and we’re dying to know why she’s so scissors happy.

Kate Hudson Haircuts
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Here’s where it all began: The night before the Golden Globes, Hudson shared a haircut, er, trim, live on Snapchat — but she wasn’t content with just that. So the next day, while her hairstylist David Babaii was getting her ready for the award show, he said to her, “Let’s go for it,” and cut 7 inches off right then and there. Babaii tells PeopleStyle that the following day, while the duo were in China, he cut off even more.

The cut, which Hudson debuted on the red carpet, landed right below her shoulders, and was a “combination of Sharon Stone in Casino and Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks,” according to Babaii.

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Then, a few weeks after her big cut, Hudson revealed yet another shorter look while on her Pretty Happy book tour — this time, with the ends just hitting her shoulders, and shorter-seeming bangs. “We were at a shoot in LA and I cut it to where it is now,” Babaii explains. “After 15 years, I can get away with wanting to do different things.”

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But different from her last cut, with this new length has come a lot of experimentation — leading us to believe she’s having a lot of fun with the look. Cameron Rains, the stylist on her press tour, tells PeopleStye that her new length made it possible to experiment with her looks — leading to boho braids and beachy waves.

“We have more playful options with a shorter length. I feel we can play with much more movement now that it’s shorter,” Rains says. “She’s always been adventurous with her hair styles but always we aim for it to be fresh, cool, and sexy, which really reflects her personality.”

So what’s to come of Hudson’s strands? Babaii says it’s “unexpected,”

“We might choose to go a little shorter, we might choose to do bangs, there is really no limitation,” Babaii shares.

And in her latest Snapchat story, Hudson’s hair appears to be even shorter. So, is a pixie on the horizon? Probably not — but we’ll take as many abs-friendly outfits as we can get while we wait for an outcome.

What do you think of Hudson’s changing look? Tell us below!

— Jillian Ruffo