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Kate Hudson Loves a Body Chain (But Won't Be Caught Dead in Birkenstocks)

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Kate Hudson has been having a street style moment lately. Okay, she pretty much always steps out of the house looking amazing, but there is one trendy style move she made that we’re still talking about — the body chain. (See photo below for reference.) Hudson layered her ab jewelry under a crop top last week in N.Y.C., so when we chatted on the phone with her this week we had to ask about the secret to pulling it off (luckily, she didn’t say “7,000 crunches”).

Kate Hudson Body Chain

“I think you can pull anything off as long as you feel good in it,” Hudson tells PEOPLE. “There are days I’m not feeling the body chain and there are days I’m really feeling the body chain. I think for me that my favorite style in women is when it’s authentically coming from themselves and what they feel most comfortable in. I think trends are fun, but it’s really about someone’s personal style fitting into trends.”

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One trend the Fabletics co-founder won’t be trying this summer, however, are the extremely popular Birkenstocks, which have had a huge revival (and yes, even we have been picking up a pair or two).

“I can’t wrap my ahead around Birkenstocks,” she shares. “I get it at home, they’re super comfortable, but for me personally I like when things are sexy. I don’t see sexy in Birkenstocks. I just don’t like the way the foot looks in the shoes. They cover the most sexy part of the foot, cut off your toes, cut off your arches. I’d rather wear flip flops. Tevas must be the next thing.”

Her aversion to the popular sandal may be a result of not being a fan of the ’90s trends. “The ’90s were my least favorite. I remember watching 90210 and thinking to myself, ‘What are these outfits?’ I remember going, like, ‘Oh My God, I just don’t get it.’ For me the crop top was ’80s, the ’90s were not my favorite.”

Would you wear a body chain? How about Birkenstocks? Are you into the ’90s thing? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico