September 12, 2012 05:00 PM

Camilla Akrans for Harper’s Bazaar

Few boots are more controversial than Uggs. Some people love them and wear them proudly, others can’t stand them, and some of us wear them out hoping we won’t be seen by anyone we know. Kate Hudson falls into the first category — and what’s more, she might be responsible for kicking off the now-ubiquitous trend.

Turns out Hudson was wearing the Australian boots long before they were popular. “I had Uggs at, like, 11,” the actress reveals in the latest episode of
Harper’s Bazaar’s The Look
. “They were my mother’s Uggs and I stole them from her.” She goes on to explain that back in the day, the sheepskin kicks were the norm for kids in Malibu. And it makes sense considering that the shoes were originally sold just in SoCal — and were first worn by surfers who slipped them on after a day of hitting the waves.

But remember, this was back in simpler times, before the dawn of embellished, blinged-out Uggs. “No sequins,” Hudson says of her pair. And she clearly doesn’t regret her fashion choice — the actress is still often spotted in the comfy boots. (Though she prefers skyscraper stilettos over anything, any day. “I love heels,” she says inside the issue. “I’m not a big flats person.”)

But her childhood wardrobe also included a slightly more glam item: a Dior dress, which Hudson wore nonstop as a preschooler. The magazine’s October cover girl says, “[My mom] went to Paris and came back with this pink little Dior dress. All I knew was that it spun — and it spun so you could see your undies underneath. I must have worn that until I was about 5. Every picture of me as toddler is in that dress.”

Twenty-eight years later, she’s still wearing Dior, but this time it’s on the red carpet and inside the pages of Harper’s Bazaar (and she’s no longer flashing her undies!). She also strikes poses in the October issue in a Ralph Lauren Collection gown (above, cover), Valentino Haute Couture, Chanel Haute Couture and more. Read: no sign of Uggs anywhere.

Watch Hudson reminisce more about her style in the video, and pick up the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar, on newsstands Sept. 25. Tell us: How do you feel about Uggs?

–Jennifer Cress


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