Kate Hogan
July 23, 2012 07:30 PM

ABC; Inset: Courtesy Almay

Kate Hudson is admittedly a makeup pro, but hair styling is a different story.

“I’m really not very good at it,” she tells PEOPLE. “In the ’80s I did the bangs — in a lot of my pictures from when I was little I have the big, hairsprayed, wavy bangs. I have a feeling that the little girls these days are going to look back at their pictures and have perfect, wavy, natural beach hair. But I had those bangs.”

Thankfully, she won’t look back on any makeup mishaps. “I like doing my own makeup,” she says. “I find it to be a really creative process.”

One of Hudson’s favorite tips? “Putting liner underneath the upper lid,” she shares. “It always works; it makes your eyes pop even more.”

But no eye is complete without “a good eyebrow,” she says. “Good eyebrows aren’t always easy to do, but once you have them, they really change the look of your makeup.”

Hudson, an Almay spokeswoman (see a behind-the-scenes shot from her Wake-Up liquid makeup campaign, above), has a few big favorites from the brand. “I always like the smoky eye kits,” she shares. “I was on a trip recently, and was trying to pack light, and I just threw in the palette for my eyes and used it the whole time.”

But her “number number number one”? Eyeliner. “It’s really creamy, a really good black,” she shares. “I’ve always used that.” Hear more from Hudson here, and tell us: What are your beauty must-haves?

–Kate Hogan


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