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Kate Bosworth on Designers: 'Goodness Rises to the Top'

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Frazer Harrison/Getty

Though she has her pick of high-fashion items, Kate Bosworth has some guidelines when it comes to selecting her always-stylish looks: namely, siding with talented designers who are also pleasant people.

“I’ve always seen fashion as embracing the individual, although yes, I understand that there are parts of the industry that aren’t so welcoming,” she tells BlackBook magazine. “But I look at the Proenza Schouler boys … they’re so kind and they make such brilliant designs. The Rodarte sisters, too. It may be idealistic, but I like to think that goodness rises to the top.”

Bosworth’s stylist Cher Coulter must be pretty nice, then; one year ago, the longtime friends launched JewelMint, a subscription-based e-commerce site that curates earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets for shoppers based on their personal preferences, revealed in a style quiz. JewelMint is run by BeachMint, which also runs the Olsens’ StyleMint — a site that follows the same model with T-shirts — and on Oct. 1, will launch Jessica Simpson and aesthetician Nerida Joy’s BeautyMint, offering subscribers anti-aging skincare products.

Though Bosworth admits to WWD that she and Coulter were “guinea pigs” for the BeachMint experience — they were the first to sign on — she’s confident in what they’ve created together. “I feel like we’re just starting to get a really good hold on this experience,” she tells WWD, adding to BlackBook, “I had no interest in signing a contract that would force me to curate pieces I found horrendous.”

That claim comes not just from a celebrity designer, but from a woman who spent her younger days shadowing her father, who worked at Zegna and Talbots, learning the ways of the fashion world. “My first ‘Bring Your Daughter to Work Day’ was spent understanding the difference in quality and texture between various fabrics,” she tells BlackBook. “I’ve had an appreciation for good workmanship from a young age.”

–Kate Hogan