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Kat Graham Lands New Campaign with Caress: 'It's About Getting in Touch with Your Inner Queen'

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When it comes to the world of multi-tasking nobody understands quite like actress, singer, model and dancer Kat Graham. And the 26-year-old star just added another bullet point to her résumé: brand ambassador for the new Caress’ Forever collection of body washes.

Kat Graham Caress
Rebecca Smeyne

PeopleStyle caught up with the multi-hyphenate star (who we love as Bonnie Bennett on The Vampire Diaries) to find out the scoop on what she calls the “Yes, Queen” campaign.

“I love playing a strong woman, I love being a strong woman, I love the imagery of strong women and Caress I guess saw that,” Graham told PeopleStyle. “It’s [the campaign] all about getting in touch with your inner queen, what makes you feel empowered, and what makes you feel special and giving it to the world.”

As the new face of both the Caress Mystique Forever and Enchant Forever body washes, she is doing just that. With Caress’ new touch-activated technology, the body wash acts almost like a perfume. With just one brush of your wrist, neck, or arm the scent of the body wash is reactivated as if you just hopped out of the shower.

Kat Graham Caress
Rebecca Smeyne

Graham admitted she is, “a big smell person.”

“Like I might be so cute — I might look in the mirror and be like, ‘Hair is done, makeup is on fleek, like I am amazing,’ …but I will run back into my house if I forget to put my perfume on.”

Taking care of her skin all over is vital to Graham’s beauty regimen, and she credits removing her makeup every night to her flawless complexion.

“If I don’t I’ll get pimples on my chin, and I know it’s my body telling me, ‘I know what you did,'” she shares. “It’s my body punishing me.”

When discussing her recent haircut she admits that the spur-of-the-moment chop came after a rough week.

“I told Bryson [Conley, her hair stylist], when we get to the hotel just cut it all off! Cut it all off,” she said.

"When she tells you on a late night flight she wants to cut off ALL her hair" 🙀💇😳✂️ #BrushedByB

A post shared by Bryson Conley (@bdconley) on

To many of us the idea of spontaneously cutting off our hair sounds scary, but to Graham it was just foreshadowing as the very next day she was announced that she would be playing Jada Pinkett Smith (who is known for her iconic short cut) in the new Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me.

What do you think of Graham’s new partnership? Are you a fan of her beauty look? Sound off below.

–Laurice Rawls