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Karmin's Amy Heidemann On Going Blonde and the Perfect Cat Eye

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Courtesy Tone Body Wash

If you’ve seen the just-released music video for Karmin’s latest single, Acapella, you know it’s all about color.

And we’re not talking about the bold monochromatic color schemes. The female half of the duo, Amy Heidemann (the cute guy is her fiancé, Nick Noonan) is now rocking a bright blonde bob — a big change from the retro brunette suicide roll she was known for.

“I have always wanted to try blonde,” Heidemann told PEOPLE in between filming some behind-the-scenes footage for Tone body wash (more on that below). “I sat in a chair for seven hours [to get the new color]. I’ve always wondered if blondes have more fun, so I decided to try it and right now, it’s looking like it’s true!”

But it turns out the timing couldn’t have been better for the duo’s new video, which has Heidemann rocking statement makeup (blue lips, green eyeshadow) with a otherwise clean face.

“When you have darker hair, you tend to wear darker makeup to maintain a balance,” she said. “When you go blonde, you have to lighten up on the makeup but your lips tend to pop more. I’ve been having fun experimenting with bright lip colors!

Karmin ToneCourtesy Tone Body Wash

And luckily she's having fun experimenting with makeup, because that required the most patience on the filming day. "We were confirmed to film the blue scene first," she said, and "getting ready for the blue scene was the most complex as we have totally different hair, blue eyeliner and blue lipstick. Minutes before we were about to start shooting, we walked out and saw the red set-up. The scenes had changed and therefore so did our looks!"

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She and Noonan stayed calm, though, and there was an extra perk for him: "Although it was a delayed and stressful start, Mercedes let us use a great red car for the red scene, so it made up for it!"

Karmin ToneCourtesy Tone Body Wash

Also keeping things cool on set was Tone body wash, which the duo have partnered with for its "Turn It Up" series, designed to give fans more access to the band through videos, concert tickets and a chance to meet Karmin.

"It was a really natural partnership for us because we were already using Tone," Heidemann says, though there's no significant-other shower theft at their house: "We have all the different varieties in our shower at home!"

Before we let her get back to filming, we had to ask one more question: What's the secret to a perfect cat eye?

"Practice!" she says. "The most important thing is to find an eyeliner that works best for you. My favorite is from the drug store, it’s liquid with a sponge on the tip. And I have to do it before I drink coffee or my hands are too shaky!"

Wise advice from a colorful lady.

Tell us: What do you think of Karmin's new single? And are you loving the blonde hair on Heidemann?

--Alex Apatoff