Jillian Ruffo
July 10, 2017 02:33 PM

Wherever the Kardashians go, their glam squad follows. Their crew of artists-turned-BFFs includes Jen Atkin, Mario Dedivanovic, Hrush Achemyan and more. But there’s one O.G. makeup artist — Joyce Bonelli — who has been there since the very beginning. And now, she’s revealing how she made her way into the Kardashian Krew, back when Keeping Up was just an idea.

“I met Kim [Kardashian] on a photoshoot [in 2005] I had no idea who she was. This was before they had a show,” the pro tells Coveteur in an interview. “They were exactly how they are today, super sweet, so professional, on time, and so particular. Kris was like, ‘Okay, you need the lip liner, the lipstick, and then the gloss.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I’m still doing the lip liner. I’m not there yet.’ [Laughs] It was just so funny. I was instantly obsessed with their dynamic. Kris mentioned that they were doing a show. Here we are shooting season 14. The girls are definitely like sisters [to me].”

Friendship aside, being in the family’s squad comes with many perks. There is the unlimited access to Kylie Cosmetics lip kits and KKW Beauty contour kits, plus, the Kardashian family is known for handing out lavish gifts around the holidays — and with years of friendship under her belt, Bonelli has received some pretty luxe presents.

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“Kris Jenner always gets me crazy boots for every birthday or Christmas,” says Bonelli. She got me these Saint Laurent gold boots that we were dying over in Paris. Whenever we travel, we always go shopping and it’s just so much fun. I make her buy the craziest stuff. I really wanted these boots and I couldn’t decide if I wanted them. She’s just so cute and thoughtful that she remembered.”

Coveteur / Tristan Kallas
Coveteur / Tristan Kallas

Kim spoils the pro as well, as Bonelli notes the family shops for the “craziest” pieces for her. “Kim [Kardashian] got me this bag,” she says about a bright floral Chanel handbag (above). They all get me such fabulous gifts all of the time.”

And she even influences the family’s sartorial choices. “Oh my God, I once made Kris buy this crazy fur,” she says. “It was black with huge polka dots. I’m not sure if it was Fendi or something—it was just so crazy. All of her girls were like, ‘What the f— is that?’”

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