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Justin Bieber Takes Break From Busy Havoc-Wreaking Schedule To Create Artsy Perfume Ad

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Have Justin Bieber‘s latest antics had you wishing that he would just be silent and well-kempt for at least 3 minutes and 35 seconds? Then you are the exact target audience for this wordless mini-movie shot to promote his fragrance, The Key.

Set to a dramatic piano soundtrack, the movie follows The Biebs as he haunts the dreams (we think … it’s very artsy) of girls who keep his perfume on their bedside table. At no point in the film does he look like this, which is why (we assume) the girls are happy to see him when he enters their metaphorical hotel rooms.

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Though the average person might be frightened to open their door to see Bieber standing there in a bellman’s uniform holding a cake — and certainly is less likely to allow him to come in and play their grand piano (not a metaphor this time) — the girls in this ad delight in his impish seductiveness as he spins them on a roof, playfully feeds them macarons, and (yes, ladies) appears shirtless in bed.

We suppose it’s an improvement from what we’ve seen young Mr. Bieber get up to in recent weeks, but we’re still a little unsure of what to make of the nearly four minutes of dramatic Bieber love story we just watched. So please share your reactions in the comments to help us come to a conclusion.

–Alex Apatoff