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Emily Kirkpatrick
June 19, 2017 08:45 AM

The list of things Justin Bieber is extremely passionate about is a short, but diverse one. There’s his faith, of course, his collection of drop crotch pants and crop tops he just can’t seem to let go of, and his constant pursuit of self-improvement. But all of those things do not compare to the pop star’s unbridled love of a good piece of permanent body art, something he already has 50+ of currently adorning his person. And last week, he added a new design to his already robust collection that combines both his enthusiasm for this particular artistic medium and his permanent quest to be an enlightened young man into a single phrase scrawled above his kneecap.

On Friday, the singer revealed his latest tattoo, moving on from his body art-riddled torso, back, and biceps to cover all-new expanses of blank flesh, this time getting a piece drawn directly above his left knee cap that reads “Better at 70.” Bieber explained the meaning behind this new addition on Instagram, writing, “I look back at a lot of things in my life, mistakes, insecurities, and although I have felt I’ve wasted a lot of time it also makes me want to be better faster! For me personally I want to work everyday to be BETTER AT 70.”

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And the Biebz doesn’t want to be the only twenty-something sporting this pro-septuagenarian body art, encouraging all of his fans to also get the phrase permanently etched on their bodies. On Sunday, the singer shared a photo of the transfer paper used to place the tattoo on his thigh, saying, “If any one wants to get the better at 70 tattoo here’s the stencil.” Clearly, this young man knows that just like a fine wine, people only get better with age. How his assortment of tattoos will hold up with time, however, still remains to be seen.

What do you think of Bieber’s latest tattoo? Would you get a matching one? Sound off below!

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