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Johnny Weir On His Future Clothing Line: 'I Want To Have Mass Appeal'

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Jonathan Ferrey/Getty

Johnny Weir is best known for the flamboyant flair and dazzling costumes that he flaunts while performing on ice rinks around the world—and now the Olympic ice skater is dishing about his plans to translate that sartorial pageantry into his own apparel line! “I definitely want to get a clothing line off the ground, but I need [to do] a lot of leg work,” he tells the LA Times. “You don’t want to be somebody that has someone else make them a line of clothing and put their name on it. I want to be sewing buttons and putting fur trim on things myself.” But don’t expect the ever-controversial star’s line to be too outlandish—he plans to tone it down for the masses. “I really admire Gareth Pugh, Viktor & Rolf, Karl Lagerfeld—avant-garde designers but still sort of mainstream,” says Weir. “I want to have mass appeal.” And while we’re already familiar with the 25-year-old’s signature pompadour, what are his other style musts? “I always have sunglasses on, even if it’s raining. Vintage Linda Farrow. Lots of Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton glasses,” he reveals. “I got a Balenciaga turquoise bag from my agent—I like making a statement, and a man carrying a turquoise bag is a statement.” With such bold style cues, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for his clothing line! Tell us: Are you excited to see Johnny Weir try his hand at designing?David Yi