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Joanie's Take: The Inside Scoop on America's Next Top Model

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Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

The top semifinalists were ready to work it and eager to get things started. So many great personalities and fierce attitudes! It seems as if no one is shy or afraid to speak their minds.From the beginning the girls had it going on, walking the runway, posing; I was impressed. Our season had girls who had no chance on the runway, but not this season.

That sassy Miss J meets up with the girls for the first test — a photo shoot at the airport, and then a nude photo shoot on top of the roof of the hotel. Let’s hope no one across the street had binoculars! But damn, I love these girls. Anyone who isn’t afraid to strut their stuff naked is ready for this competition for sure, ’cause you know Tyra is going to throw some crazy situations your way and you better be ready and up to the challenge!

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Photo: Oliver Bronson & Dylan Don/The CW; (inset) Jim De Yonker/UPN/Landov

Tyra, Miss J and Jay Manuel narrow it down to the finalists… is it just me or does Jay Manuel get hotter with each season? Too bad – he’s taken, and oh yeah, he’s gay.

The finalists include:
Caridee, a loud and bubbly beauty who has a striking resemblance to Rebecca Romijn

Melrose, a 23-year-old who to me looks kinda frumpy but has a great body.

A.J.,, one of my favorites, a fashion model at best with a hard-edged look.

Monique, a diva with a smokin’ hot figure and a dark skinned sista!

Jaeda, the girl with the masculine features who knocks my socks off with her exotic beauty.

Megg, a rocker and a roller with a bad-ass demeanor.

Christian, a soft-featured sweetheart who’s looks totally remind me of Naima.

Eugena, who didn’t like the girls from cycle 6, (BOOOOO!) Honestly I didn’t think she’d get past semi-finals, being the diva she was in front of Tyra and the J’s, but she’s got a great face.

Megan, another one of my favorites. Megan has the androgynous sex appeal whose look reminds me of Kim from cycle 5.

Anchal, who is one of the prettiest, most breathtaking beauties the show has seen!

Brooke. Now this girl, love her body, cute, cute blonde, but come on – this girl should go straight into acting. She’s got the confidence and ability and I’ve only seen her for 2 hours. Can anyone else see Reese Witherspoon?

And last but not least, the twins – Amanda and Michelle. I ADORE these twins. Editorial material, runway material, and best of all, they are super cool and Real!

I think all of the girls would be nice to meet in person, but no one really took my breath away from the get go. No one that is except for Anchal! Breathtaking! I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl.

The girls move into the house and the drama begins… it’s a complete Tyra house! Not a wall was left uncovered by one of her pictures. There are so many girls that I think remind me of Lisa from cycle 5. Caridee and Megg both are pretty crazy — can’t wait to see what they conjure up in the weeks to come.

As for the first photo shoot: Some would call Tyra crazy and, well, she is. What the heck was she doing? Tyra comes into the photo shoot screaming and acting like a prima donna. It was hilarious. The girls had to be a stereotypical model with types ranging from Narcissist to Dumb Blonde. I thought it was great. I was surprised to see how some of the girls actually couldn’t pose very well in front of the camera, but this is exactly why they are here, to test themselves, learn and to become the best they can, one of whom will carry the title of ANTM at the end.

I was totally impressed with Brooke, AJ, Carridee, Amanda and Michelle. They rocked it. In the end it was the unenthusiastic Christian who was sent home. But honestly, I wasn’t surprised. You really have to go all out from the beginning to be recognized. She was holding back too much. I really didn’t like Melrose after this photo shoot. Yikes, what a brat. In the end Melrose was knocked down a few pegs by the judges and allowed to stay.

I can’t wait until next week to see if these girls can out shine one another and what kind of fights they get into. Its always fun to watch cat fights…. wish I could be there to see them in action.

Wow wow wow, another great season… another round of amazing girls with so much potential and amazing bodies. You Go Tyra.