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Joanie's Take: The Inside Scoop on America's Next Top Model

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Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

This was the episode of everyone crying! It goes to show you how hard this competition is and how it can get to you on the inside. The episode kicked off with Tyra talking to the remaining five about harsh realities. Come on, we all know she really wants to see who is weak and what she can do to push all of their buttons. Not that there isn’t truth in it, though. Harsh criticisms are part of the game and of the industry, and you have to build that shell to make it far. Maybe Tyra does really want them to become strong.

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Photo:Jim De Yonker/The CW; (inset) Jim De Yonker/UPN/Landov

I’m still not seeing a sharp winner. I loved Jaeda, and now that she is gone, my favorites have dwindled a little. Melrose is consistent and good at it, Caridee is beautiful and full of spunk, and the twins are so editorial and natural. I’m a strong supporter of the girls who are strong, understand the competition and respect it. Eugena is probably the best girl for that role as a Top Model at this point. She is growing and becoming a winner in my eyes.

Still in Spain, the girls were sent to meet with Pancho Saula, the director of Elite Barcelona, who organized 10 “Go Sees.” During the Go Sees, the girls did okay, but 10 in four hours? Wow, I thought riding in a Tuk Tuk in Thailand was going to be tough, and I only had to go to five! The girls were rated on their appearance, personality, book, and walk. And Amanda can’t walk to save her life. Melrose won, and chose Caridee to have a nice dinner with her as her prize.

The photo shoot was a bunch of bull! Literally!! I couldn’t believe it! The girls were sent into one of the last active bull-fighting arenas in Spain to do a photo shoot with a live bull. No rodeo clowns or anything. With the always sexy, always intimidating Nigel Barker behind the camera, the girls either pass or fail. He is so tough to shoot with, believe me, I was there once.

At elimination the girls were asked who had the most and least potential. Apparently, Michelle just didn’t want to be there, so she was sent home. Its down to the top four…but who will pull through?