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Joanie's Take: The Inside Scoop on America's Next Top Model

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Model and America’s Next Top Model alum (cycle 6) Joanie Dodds gives a weekly insider’s view on the hit show.

This episode was all about high fashion editorials and editorial posing. Sometimes you have to work it whether you or your outfit look ugly. The challenge kicked off with the girls meeting with model Stacey Mackenzie and a super rad contortionist! I wasn’t exactly expecting the girls to have to learn to put their legs behind their heads, but hey, you never know what’s brewing in the brain of Tyra Banks. I love Anchal — super flexible, who knew? — every week. I also love how she eats like a horse. Real models eat, so you go, girl! But knowing how my own self-confidence issues held me back in during the show, I think it’s a shame that she has them too. I’ll tell you one thing — no one can win if they don’t become a strong and confident presence in front of the judges, Anchal included. Click through to the next page to read the rest of Joanie’s Take on this episode.

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Photo: Mike Rosenthal/The CW

But you know it’s not all about what happens on the runway — there always has to be some behind-the-scenes drama. I’m still so glad to see Monique is gone! But now it seems Melrose has taken over as the token brat of the house. She’s always complaining and just talking too much in general. Give it a rest! And when all the girls got to sit down to dinner with legendary 60’s model Twiggy, she was such a brown noser. Gimme a break.

At the first challenge, the girls meet designers Bao Tranchi and Erica Courtney. The assignment is to not only wear the designs but to hold couture poses for long periods of time while on pedestals to show off their newly learned contortionist skills. Yikes! Through it all, Eugena wins the challenge along with $32,000 of jewelry (wow!)

Freak Show! I loved watching the photo shoot challenge that happened the next day, where the girls had to become acts in a old-time circus! The shoot was photographed by my good friend Mike Rosenthal. Things got a little gross during the shoot, especially A.J.’s set, but it’s all about standing out. I loved how CariDee straddled the car in her shot! That was priceless. And what the heck was up with the twins shooting together as Siamese twins (left)? A. too obvious, too dull and B. how can you then judge them separately? Jaeda has coaching issues– I just don’t see Top Model in her, you guys. In the end, it was “Bearded Lady” Megg, rocking and rolling herself home after elimination. She was cute, but she wasn’t a model in my eyes — just a pretty girl who loves to rock out with her beard out. Until next week!