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Jewelry For a Cause: Blood Diamond Bracelets

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While promoting their new film Blood Diamond (opening today), the members of the cast, including Jennifer Connelly, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Djimon Hounsou, have been wearing rubber bracelets that say either “Blood Diamond” or “Clean Diamond.” After filming a movie about how so-called “conflict diamonds” financed the brutal civil war in Sierre Leone during the nineties, DiCaprio has sworn off buying diamonds, and Connelly tells PEOPLE that she recently wore Bulgari diamonds recently only “because they are certified not to be conflict diamonds. You can always ask your jeweler if a diamond is certified conflict free or ‘clean’.” The rubber bracelets help raise awareness of the human rights issue connected with diamond mining and are available for only $2 on Amnesty International’s website.

Photo:Michael Germana/star max