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Jessica Biel on Going Gloss-Free and her "Precious" Relationship with Justin Timberlake

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Mario Testino/Vogue

Jessica Biel might be notoriously tight-lipped about her relationship with Justin Timberlake, but when it comes to her famous looks — and growing up gorgeous in Hollywood — the actress doesn’t hold back. “When I see myself in pictures with makeup on, even to this day, I think it looks weird,” Vogue‘s February cover-girl tells the magazine. “My eyes get squintier and smaller. On the red carpet, I’m playing a character. As soon as I get off that thing I think, ‘Oof, wipe that gloss off.’ I’m wiping and wiping and pulling my hair out and trying to change my outfit. I’m immediately trying to get comfortable. It’s really a part I play.” A part she plays well for the magazine, which features a high-glamour spread of the Revlon model and former child star — although not all shoots have been so easy for her. Of posing nearly nude on the cover of Gear magazine when she was just 17-years-old, Jessica says, “I did this photo shoot; the photo shoot came out; it was terribly embarrassing. I had to apologize to everybody, including my parents. It was a big learning experience: learning how to have boundaries and how to say no.” And those boundaries extend to her relationship with Timberlake. “I don’t want to talk about [Justin],” she emphasizes. “I don’t feel the need to clear anything up. It’s the most precious thing that I have in my life, and I care about it so much that I don’t care about what anyone says or thinks. I have just not addressed it in any real way, and I’m not going to. It’s mine. And I really like that about it.” Read Jessica’s full interview and see behind the scenes footage from her shoot at –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester


Mario Testino/Vogue