Kate Hogan
December 02, 2011 08:00 PM

Justin Campbell/Startraks

Even though they’re grownups, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson still listen to their mom, Tina. Case in point: it was her idea to have them create a clothing line for young girls together.

“My mother thought it would be great to combine both of our styles, both of our personalities,” Jessica told Fashionista.com Thursday during a party for the line in New York. Though it’s the sisters’ first time working together, “it feels like we always work together,” Jessica said.

The line combines what Jessica calls “Ashlee’s rock ‘n’ roll, cool, boho-chic” aesthetic with her own “all-American girl” look. “I’m pretty classic, I’m pretty easy going,” she said. “Combining the two is always fun.”

And thankfully, working together caused zero tension for the superstars. “We loved being in the approval meetings together, we loved inspiration shopping together,” she shared. “It’s been fun. I feel like all these little girls are wearing stuff that Ashlee and I would both wear.”

From the sounds of it, Jessica is creating even more items she’d wear: the mom-to-be revealed that she’s currently working on a maternity line. “We’re looking into launching around February,” she said, “but we’ll see.”


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