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Jessica Alba's Dirty Little Style Secret? She Hates Fittings!

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Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa

For most women, the idea of having a professional stylist is a dream come true; for Jessica Alba, it’s just a part of the gig.

“Trying on clothes — it’s just not super fun for me,” she admitted to PEOPLE recently during a fitting with stylist Brad Goreski. “I can’t think of anything I would rather not be doing. I’d rather get spa treatments. Get my nails done and go to lunch with my girlfriends.”

So when it comes to finding that perfect red-carpet look, Alba employs shortcuts. “I know what will work even before I try something on,” she said. Goreski concurred: “She doesn’t change her mind … Once you set something with her she knows it and it stays that way.”

Before welcoming daughter Haven on Saturday, instead of trying to mask her changing shape, Alba chose to emphasize it. “They don’t usually make clothes for women with giant beer guts,” she laughed. “I kind of have to embrace the bump right now … there’s no hiding it.”

And as it turns out, being pregnant and looking cute are not mutually exclusive. “We’ve done a lot of different shapes and colors and we’ve tried to keep Jessica’s style still really cool and very young,” said Goreski. “Almost every color looks good with her.” And when all else fails, “a lot of belting” does the trick.

–Justine Harman, with reporting by Jennifer Garcia