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Jennifer Lopez and Her Stylists Dish On the Secrets to Sexiness In This Exclusive Video

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It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez has the market cornered on sexy — both in her everyday outfits and her super-glam red carpet looks. So with the release of her latest sizzling fragrance, JLove, we got an exclusive look at her shoot and discovered she thinks of animal print as a color no different than white or black. Then we snagged a few minutes with her stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, about how to go “J. Lo” in your everyday life.

So, which Jennifer Lopez is the “real” one: all glammed-up, or relaxed and low-key?
The “real” Jennifer is equal parts both! The Bronx in Jen will never go away so all the casual street-influenced looks that are more hip hop than red carpet will always be something she feels completely herself in. Usually, Jen picks those outfits herself. On the other hand, Jen loves feeling sexy and feminine and isn’t afraid of taking risks. Wearing an extravagant dress to a premiere or red carpet is just as much fun and a true reflection of her as is when she’s in her casual street clothes mixing both high and low designers.

Speaking of, Lopez is one of the rare celebs who’s always wearing her own line [she designs for Kohl’s]. What’s the secret to making those affordable pieces look expensive?
Mixing low and high is something both celebrities and stylists like to do more often than most people think. There are a few ways to pull this off. One is to keep the rest of the look simple: skip the layering, skip multiple trends. For example, Jen will wear a Kohl’s maxi dress with hoop earrings and gladiator sandals and call it a day. he other trick is to wear an expensive pair of shoes or purse, which are both excellent investments if you’re going to splurge. If either of those are high quality, they have an ability to transform the rest of the outfit into looking more high-end than it is.

And what if we want to look more high-end but we also want to wear Lopez-loved trends that can read cheesy — like animal print or sheer lace — if done wrong?
The way to pull off “classic Jen” prints and fabrics is balance: mix neutral pieces with ones that are more statement or glamorous. If something is more revealing on top, go for demure and ladylike on the bottom. If the bottom is the focal point, then go for chic and clean on top. Also, cut is key. Fabric and shape are the two things that really make a designer piece obviously different from something cheaper, so if you’re going for statement pieces, make sure the fit is flattering and clean.

Lightning round! Describe her 2013 style in three words, then tell us three things she can’t live without right this minute.
Chic, rock and roll, glam … and her Jennifer Lopez for Kohl’s boyfriend cut jeans, a pair of studs and a great pump.

Finally, sell us on this fragrance.
JLove was inspired by all the quintessential Jennifer Lopez fashion items: fur, leopard, bright colors, soft fabrics, diamonds. The smell itself is reminiscent of Jen herself: beautiful, feminine, confident. At any point in the day and for any type of event at least one of these details is present in her look, making it all a “Jennifer Lopez signature.”

Sold? Check it out exclusively at Kohl’s, and tell us your best tips for mixing high, low and animal prints with aplomb.

–Alex Apatoff