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Jennifer Lawrence: 'I Used to Wear Clothes My Mother Dug Out of Yard Sales'

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Jennifer Lawrence has long stunned on the red carpet (remember her amazing first Oscars dress in 2011?!), but she tells French magazine Madame Figaro this month she wasn’t always into the glamour. 

“I hated dressing up for my first red carpets, because I never felt comfortable in these glamorous dresses,” she shares.

And growing up in Kentucky riding horses didn’t exactly lend itself to encyclopedic knowledge of high fashion. “In Louisville, when I was a child, I inherited clothes from my two older brothers [Ben and Blaine] that I put together with things that my mother dug out of yard sales,” she says. “I was a true tomboy.”

Jennifer Lawrence style
Jason Merritt/Getty

So how did she go from “tomboy” to the face of Dior? It was an easy decision for the star. Even as she was in talks to become a face of the brand in 2012, she wasn’t sure about solidifying her status in the sartorial sphere: “At the beginning I told everyone, ‘I’m an actress. I’m not a model. I don’t want to do it,'” she told the magazine. “It is only recently that I discovered the beauty of haute couture,” she reveals. “The first Dior collection I attended by Raf Simons blew me away.”

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And even though not everyone can relate to going from country girl to style icon seemingly overnight, most ladies can certainly feel solidarity with Lawrence on one level: She carries an overstuffed purse.

“I have an enormous one, nicknamed ‘The Flagship’ which I lug around everywhere and everything is in there,” she says. “My basics? Lollipops for my nephews… my wallet, my passport, my phone, and a collection of lip balms and pens. Since they always fall to the bottom, I forget and buy new ones non-stop…”

What do you think of Lawrence’s stance on fashion? Are you a of her red carpet looks or do you prefer her street style?

–Catherine Kast