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Jennifer Hudson: I Need an Entire New Wardrobe for My Pixie Cut!

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Nick Wass/AP

Jennifer Hudson always brings her “A” game to the red carpet. But her recent decision to chop her hair into an on-trend pixie has added a whole new element to her style experience. If you ask her, the singer is still trying to find her “short hair swag.”

“I’m busy swiping out my entire wardrobe now,” Hudson told PEOPLE. “The hair change is almost as drastic as my weight loss! It feels the exact same way. Shorter hair makes me look taller, so I’m still trying to figure that out. I was just on Shopbop last night, and I want clothes that will elongate my body. If you are gonna wear a different style, you have to wear it. You can’t let it wear you.”

One pixie-inspired move she made right after the cut was adding some new bling to her ears. “I just got my ears pierced at the top too. It’s more about the profile than anything for me and elongating myself even more. I’m trying to find things to complement that. For me, short hair is all about presence. You have to have presence.”

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We think Hudson already has the presence thing down — she’s been the face of Weight Watchers for well over three years now. And her latest endeavor is to promote the company’s Healthy Communities grant program, which offers subsidized meetings and free app access to needy residents in three cities: Baltimore, York, Penn. and Racine, Wisc.

“It hits so close to home,” she said of the cause. “I know exactly the challenges people face, and I’m just excited to help inspire their journey. I want to change lives this year. I get so many people approaching me saying, ‘I can’t afford it.’ Now, we can make this happen for people of all walks of life and afford them the same opportunities.”

And while Hudson follows her Weight Watchers plan closely to maintain her size-six figure, she totally believes in a cheat day (or two) every now and then. “I cheated my life away over the holidays,” she said. “I fixed my son brownies and chocolate chip cookies every day of the holiday season, and Mommy had some too. Several times I went over my points, and it’s good to allow yourself that. If you don’t give that, that’s when you rebel.”

And when she does splurge, she always gets back on track with her fitness routine. Her workout secret is butt-burning and totally free. “Sometimes I set the timer on the stove and run up and down my steps until it goes off,” she explained. “You don’t even need to go to the gym. Set the timer or microwave for 15 to 20 minutes and you’ll work up a sweat.”

What do you think of the singer’s weight loss outlook? How about her pixie motto? Share your thoughts below!

–Brittany Talarico