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Jennifer Aniston: We All Want Somebody Else's Hair

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Jamie McCarthy/Getty

We’d have thought Jennifer Aniston could do pretty much anything with her hair, but it turns out even the world’s most enviable mane has its limits.

“We all want somebody else’s hair,” Aniston told PEOPLE at an N.Y.C. Living Proof event, citing Gisele Bündchen as the star whose tresses she envies, and adding “I also love Kate Moss‘s hair. It’s that rolled-out-of-bed look. Somehow she can wear a couture dress and just have that. I’ve tried to do that but it doesn’t work.”

Aniston adds that no matter how many times she asks her longtime stylist Chris McMillan to give her that hair, “he’ll do whatever he wants to do.” That’s why — even though she takes care of it with Living Proof’s Restore mask, and she’ll go anywhere to get it washed — only McMillan is allowed to go near it with scissors.

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And we can’t say that we blame her for being a little paranoid, considering some of the past disasters she tells us she’s had to contend with. As a kid, “I’d only had mullets! Or those haircuts when you were a kid and you’d get those crazy, like, long at the front and shaved at the back,” she says. “Oh, I just learned so many lessons from my youth of what not to do.”

So that’s why she’s bringing her “Good Hair” Living Proof webisodes (which feature McMillan and girls on the street expounding on hair philosophy) to the masses. It’s all about learning from your mistakes and working with what you have, which is what, as the co-owner of the haircare line, she wants to communicate to women.

“Those girls are adorable and they’ve gotta get better perspective on their hair because they don’t have horrible hair,” Aniston says of the girls in the video series. “It’s so interesting how girls have the wrong perception of themselves.”

Watch the video below, then tell us: Whose hair do you covet? What’s your biggest hair disaster?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Andrea Lavinthal