Kate Hogan
August 24, 2012 04:00 PM

Albert Michael/Startraks

By now you’ve probably seen the super-cute Old Navy ads starring some of our favorite Beverly Hills, 90210ers. They’re not only fun for us to watch (yes, we’re children of the ’90s) but they were fun for the stars to create, too.

It was all about “nostalgia,” Jennie Garth told PEOPLE Thursday during an Old Navy event in L.A. “Nothing’s better than the original 90210. There are so many devoted fans, that I wanted to do that.”

Calling the experience “weird — we were, like, in a hallway — it was a trip,” Garth said it was “so good” to be back with her castmates, Luke Perry and Jason Priestley (Gabrielle Carteris stars in a separate spot, too).

For Perry, “the concept was funny, the writing was there … it’s a 30-second movie,” he added. “It was funny. I only had to say one thing — it was one day’s work. That’s the thing I love about it; it all has to come together in one small window.”

And it helped that he was with people he liked. “It was very easy,” working with Priestley and Garth, he said. “It all seemed very familiar … here I am standing on the mark, he’s on the mark, she’s [on the mark]. We all just started laughing.”

–Reporting by Gabrielle Olya


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