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October 24, 2013 08:52 PM

Randall Slavin/Alexa

Jenna Dewan-Tatum may have earned our top honors for her amazing maternity style, but the Witches of East End actress (and brand-new mom to Everly with husband Channing Tatum) admits she hasn’t always been quite so classy.

“I had some really ’90s bad choices … remember ‘No Fear’ T-shirts?” she says in the latest issue of Alexa magazine. “If there’s something bordering on a little bit of tackiness, like too many sequins … my eye goes right to it. Let’s all remember that I used to dance for twenty years of my life and I want a little flash or sparkle. It’s the way it goes. Sorry guys!”

These days, Dewan-Tatum isn’t just thinking about herself when she stocks her wardrobe — which is why her tastes have evolved a bit. “Now that I have Everly, I think about what I can hand down to her,” she says. “I want to give her my vintage Chanel purse from my mom, you know? I have a different perspective on my purchases lately. Or maybe I’m trying to convince myself to buy expensive things!”

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Randall Slavin/Alexa

But our favorite fashion detail from the star? That she and her hot husband find themselves matching (on accident!) all the time. “When we first started dating, I remember we would come down to rehearsals for Step Up in the same outfits,” she says. “We hadn’t talked or anything, but we would come down and we’d both have on cargo pants and a white T-shirt, like, ‘Oh my God! How is this happening?’”

For more on the star’s post-baby style these days, click here or pick up an issue of Alexa magazine inside the New York Post now. And tell us: Do you find yourself matching your significant other? And what do you think of Dewan-Tatum’s shamefully sparkly past?

–Alex Apatoff

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