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January Jones Thinks Mad Men's Betty Francis Dresses Like Jackie Kennedy

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Mad Men‘s return Sunday night promises plot twists, dapper dudes — and plenty of fashion moments. And for star January Jones, who plays Betty Francis (formerly Draper), that means watching her character continue to develop — through fashion.

“She’s had a style evolution,” Jones tells PEOPLE. [Warning: Past season spoiler alert ahead.] “I think especially since she’s been married to Henry Francis and has become a politician’s wife, she’s made a change in her look.”

That change comes courtesy of costume designer Janie Bryant, who “made a decision to change her silhouette,” Jones explains. “Betty likes to play dress-up, so instead of molding herself after a Grace Kelly or a movie star, she’s wearing things that she thinks a Jackie Kennedy would wear. Instead of the petticoats and the big skirts, she’s wearing little suits.”

Where her wardrobe doesn’t fit the mold, though? The bedroom. “Her attire [there] has always been sort of ridiculous,” Jones shares. “Those big gowns and things.”

Though the show was on hiatus for quite some time, Jones says it wasn’t hard to re-connect with her character. “The first episode I’m always finding my way back into Betty’s shoes,” she says. “I have first-day-of-school nerves. But then after a few days, I’m able to fall pretty easily back into her, and find her voice and her body language and everything that I do for her.” Tell us: Are you excited for the return of Mad Men?

–Reporting by Catherine Kast