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Jamie-Lynn's Growing Meadow

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Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s hair is about a half a foot longer now than it was last week — and she can thank hair stylist Eliut Rivera for her lush new mane. Rivera used Great Lengths Hair Extensions on Sigler’s do, adding six plus inches of hair. The cost? About $3000. Time? About four hours. Rivera gave us a few tips for Jamie and other girls who want to know how to keep extensions looking gorgeous:

1) Always brush hair with extensions by using a paddle brush with natural bristles.

2) Always sleep with hair tied back in a ponytail to avoid tangles.

3) Never get a conditioning treament while extensions are attached — it can soften the glue and cause them to fall out!

For more information, visit Rivera’s site.

Photo: Peter Kramer/Getty, Nick Valinote /Film Magic