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Jake Gyllenhaal's Lumberjack Beard: It's Time to Weigh in

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Steve Granitz/Wireimage;Robin Marchant/Getty;Splash

We’ve been monitoring Jake Gyllenhaal‘s growing beard for a few weeks now, and he just hit full-on mountain man status. Yes, it’s for his role in the new film Everest (so the long straggly scruff makes sense), but it’s hard to avoid staring slack-jawed at the actor’s new lumberjack look. (It’s also hard to recognize him!) So we decided to reminisce about some of Gyllenhaal’s other notable facial hair (or lack thereof) moments.

From left, when he’s totally clean-shaven, the star’s gorgeous blue eyes really pop out of his head. (He also looks a bit like a Wall Street banker.) Next, his full face of scruff gives him more of a mysterious vibe, and we like when he keeps it at a moderate length. And lastly, the long wild beard he has now — speckled with gray hair — definitely feels suitable for the polar vortex winter most of the country has been experiencing, but we hope that when he’s done filming he picks up a razor immediately.

Which look is your favorite? It’s time to vote below:

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How does Gyllenhaal’s look compare to Jared Leto’s stubble or Prince Harry’s beard from earlier this year? We want you to share all your thoughts in the comments!

–Brittany Talarico