May 23, 2007 09:00 PM


The stylish way to keep cool down to your fingers and toes is to paint on an icy, metallic shade of polish like Mischa Barton, as seen in the June/July issue of StyleWatch. This summer, it’s all about metals in every shade—think metallic black like Hit Me With Your Best Shot from Lippmann Collection, $15 at, and the cool bronze of L’Oreal Paris Goldy Lucks, $5 at And Essie’s Loophole, $8 at, paints on like liquid mercury. So what’s the secret to rocking the metals? Before you go metallic, keep in mind that short nails look best — too much shine could be blinding — and skip the matching mani-pedi. To control the wattage of your shine remember that one coat of polish will be subtle, while coats two and three might have you seeing your reflection! Layer it on according to your mood — it’s the summer to shine.

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