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It's a Man's (Beauty) World

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It used to be that men had a bar of soap and razor, and they were set. Or they stole all of your favorite products in secret (no, you really don’t use that much shampoo.) But these days, men are stocking up on their own products, aimed just at the male market. Take Diddy, for example, who just ordered an entire case of SET hair styling lotion. (Is that case only for him or for his whole posse too?). Or check out Kiehl’s new offerings, targeted at men (but already coveted by women on staff): Eye Alert, which reduces puffiness and dark circles, and Close Shavers, a non-greasy shave oil. And apparently, we’re not the only women wondering if we could be borrowing all of these fancy men’s products now– Lindsay Lohan’s favorite lip balm is from the men’s line Jack Black. Does this mean we all have to share nicely now?

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Photo: Courtesy of Kiehl’s; Courtesy of Jack Black