August 21, 2012 04:15 PM

Brian Lindensmith/Splash News Online

Christina Hendricks carried a $23,980 purse while out and about in Beverly Hills on Monday. And what did she pair with the exorbitantly priced black-and-silver “Isabella” Farbod Barsum tote? Oh, just a pair of jeans and a frayed shirt.

Since this is one of the most expensive bags we’ve ever laid our eyes on, you’d think it would have a 24-karat gold zipper and diamond studs or something … but it’s actually kind of regular looking.

The star’s alligator-skin arm candy costs more than some people’s annual salary. So that got us thinking over here at StyleWatch — what would we spend 24 grand on if we had to blow it all at once?

Here’s what we came up with: Pay our rent for the entire year; Rent a water bungalow in Bali; Buy 40 pairs of Christian Louboutins; Lease a Bentley for a year; Feed a small country.

But just because we think spending that much money on something that carries your keys, wallet, phone and sunglasses is kind of wacky, doesn’t mean everyone agrees with us. Tell us: Would you spend that much money on a bag if you could?

–Jennifer Cress


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