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Is Will Ferrell Dressing Like His Characters?

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Why pay a personal stylist when there are costume designers around? Just compare Will Ferrell’s red carpet threads at the Talladega Nights premiere to his wardrobe — that Crystal Gayle t-shirt looks mighty familiar. And that royal blue suit he wore to Stranger Than Fiction‘s recent opening? Yep. It’s a Domenico Vacca suit from the film (and movie poster). “Why buy my own clothes?” Ferrell said when recently pressed by Entertainment Weekly. “I know the ones from the film will fit me.” It definitely takes the guess work out of shopping, but doesn’t he miss picking out his own clothes? What do you think? Is Ferrell a lazy dresser? Or maybe, is it the perfect fit for him?

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Photo: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage; (inset) Sara De Boer/Retna