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Is This Zoë Saldana's Wedding Ring?

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David M. Benett/Getty(2); Pacific Coast News(2)

When we heard the news that Zoë Saldana tied the knot in a top-secret ceremony earlier this summer, our first thought (after Whoa, her husband’s pretty hot) was “We have got to get a look at her new hardware!”

After all, Saldana has long been the object of our style envy, with access to some of the most amazing jewels on planet earth. So we eagerly waited to see how her ring would reflect her fashionista reputation. But in her first post-announcement shot with her new mister, Marco Perego (right), she zipped by too fast to give us a good view. All we could tell was that she seemed to be wearing a pretty sizeable engagement ring along with a simpler band alongside.

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And that blurry band shot jogged our memory. Is it possible Saldana has already worn her wedding ring for us all to see and we just weren’t paying attention? In late July, at an Audi polo match in Egham, England, the star was posing with her left hand on full display — and a telltale simple golden band was clearly visible on that finger.

Until Saldana goes out and does the Beyoncé “Single Ladies” hand, we won’t know for sure (and given the secrecy behind the wedding, we’re not holding our breath for the big reveal) but we definitely think this ring is perfect for the star: It’s both classic and very now and will look great with anything she wears, much like Saldana herself.

Tell us: Do you think Saldana revealed her ring earlier this summer? If that’s it, what do you think of it?

–Alex Apatoff