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Is Kate Bosworth Launching Her Own Clothing Line? (Plus, All the Details on Her New Style App)

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Kate Bosworth knows you covet her closet — so she made an app that lets users find clothes with the click of a smartphone camera.

The fashion-forward star teamed up with entrepreneur Samantha Russ to create Style Thief, which uses photo recognition to match pictures customers take with similar attire available online. Jealous of a skirt you spot someone wearing on the street? Just snap a pic and shop away.

Kate Bosworth Style Thief
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Bosworth, 31, tells PEOPLE she was inspired by “the overall urge to create an app which finds fashion from a photograph in an easy, fun and simple way — and in real time.”

“I get excited when I search a photo from something as abstract as wallpaper print to find cool prints in apparel,” she explains.

The actress has also opened up her world to fans, making her Instagram account public earlier this month.

“It’s a mix between cinema, fashion, art — those are my favorite things to post,” she says of her account.

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We may want to steal Bosworth’s style, but she admits she cringes at some less-than-chic choices from when she first came on the scene. (Think back to her Blue Crush days.)

“I look back on when I was just starting out with everything, and I think late teens, early 20s, it’s when you should experiment and figure out when you feel good,” she says. “The only time I felt regretful was when I felt imbalanced, like there’s too much hair, there’s too much makeup, there’s too big a print, and I just felt overwhelmed.”

But don’t hate too hard on the millennium years: That’s also when Russ first dreamed up the concept for Style Thief.

“It was freezing where I went to college, so all we really did was either shop online at retailers we knew or like celebrity candids, but at the time it was sort of in the early 2000s,” she says. “You pretty much had to Google away if you wanted to buy that blouse and hoped it showed up somewhere. After I graduated and image recognition sort of came about, I thought about marrying the two and [seeing] what could come of it.”

As for whether Bosworth — who also helped launch the e-commerce site JewelMint in 2010 and designed two capsule collections for Topshop — will debut her own line, she’s playing it cool.

“Yes,” she teases. “Stay tuned …”

Tell us: Will you use Style Thief? Which celeb look would you most want to steal?

— Michele Corriston, with reporting by Mariah Haas