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Is Gisele Bündchen Poking Fun at Beauty-Obsessed Stars in This Video?

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In a new video from Vogue Italia (watch below), the magazine’s June cover model Gisele Bündchen is shown getting a whole slew of beauty treatments that range from the run-of-the-mill (a pedicure) to the totally wacky (a vampire facial and butt cupping).

And we couldn’t help but watch the latter two “activities” and wonder if the video wasn’t meant to be a subtle dig at certain Hollywood stars (we’re thinking of two in particular — their names rhyme with Shmim Shmardashian and Shwyneth Shaltrow) who engage in over-the-top beauty practices.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston have both famously tried cupping, though we doubt they did it as Bündchen did, while wearing nothing but a majorly blinged-out necklace on backward (see the :27 minute mark of the above video). The practice, in which small cups are suctioned to the person’s back (or other part of the body, in the case of Bündchen), is thought to promote blood flow and healing.


As for the vampire facial, Kim Kardashian was the first celeb to bring it to our attention when she shared an Insta selfie of her bloody face post-treatment. The process involves (are you sitting down for this?) extracting the patient’s blood, separating the platelets and working it back into the skin. “I love trying anything that makes you look and feel youthful,” Kardashian revealed. So it makes sense she tried the facial, which is said to lift and plump the skin.

Bündchen appears to be taking a selfie of her vampire facial as well at the :49 minute mark. Just a coincidence or a commentary on Kardashian’s social media share?

What do you think of the video? Do you think it’s meant to send a message about Hollywood’s kinda-crazy beauty treatments?

–Zoë Ruderman