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Is Beyoncé a Secret Hippie? We Round Up Some Style Evidence

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Sasha Fierce. Glitzy costumes. Crazy footwear. Queen Bey has built up a bit of a diva rep in the past. But recently, Beyoncé‘s been giving off a more laid back, hippie vibe.

And we’re not talking about her new vegan eating habits. We’re talking about her style. The singer shared some intimate snapshots from her recent Jamaican vacation on her blog, and it looks like she traded in her traditional high glam for low-key, hipster-inspired looks, as seen in the above photos. Seriously, we might have to invest in a high-waisted bathing suit like that.

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The star also shared some photos of herself sans makeup: One cuddling with Jay-Z and another one of her meditating. And its appears her favorite filter is Earlybird, which everyone knows is the total throwback filter.

We suspected Bey might have been swiping sister Solange’s hipster style before, but this time we think she’s just entering a new, more hippie-chic phase. Goodbye, Sasha Fierce. Hello, Mrs. Mellow?

What do you think of her current style? Sound off below!

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–Brittany Talarico